Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Are you concerned about where to leave your dog while on vacation? Are you concerned if your dog or cat will be okay when left alone with strangers or strange pets? All these thoughts are absolutely normal for a pet owner. We often develop strong bonds with our pets which makes us develop a fear of detaching ourselves away from them. People often ask themselves questions like; pet sitting vs pet boarding, which should I go for? Will my dog be okay in a boarding kennel? Will a pet sitter take good care of my cat? Let’s take a look at what pet sitting and pet boarding entail.

Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Pet Sitting vs Boarding

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you leaving your pets in someone else’s care if they will be well cared for. It’s important to do your research in order to find the best care for your pet. Here we will break down the differences between pet sitting and pet boarding. 

Pet Sitting Facts

Pet sitting is basically an act of caring for a pet in its own or owner’s home while its owner is not around. Generally, there are two types of pet sitting: the first involves pet sitters coming to the pet’s home at a stipulated time to feed the pet, exercise the pet and generally care for the pet. The other involves the pet sitter staying overnight in your home. This goes beyond basic care. The caregiver sleeps in the house and gives round-the-clock care and companionship.

Because the pets are usually in their comfortable space, many of these amenities are not necessary for stress relief. Expenses like feeding the pet sitter may often add to the total bill, but it is generally cheaper than the additional expenses at a boarding facilities.

What are the Benefits of Pet Sitting?

Benefits of pet sitting include:

Pet Sitting vs Boarding

– Pets often shows signs of stress whenever they do not feel the warmth of their owners. Pet sitting tends to reduce such stress because of the feeling the pets have when they are in their own environment, and they have someone around them. They also are present to entertain your dog.

– It also serves as an additional security to the pet owner’s house. The presence of a pet sitters deters potential offenders from the house.

– Your pet sitter can also take your dog to a local dog park to get some outdoor exercise, or visit some other dog friendly locations.

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding allows pet owners to leave their pets in the care of boarding service while they are away. This service is traditionally offered by professional pet kennels.

The pricing of pet boarding varies as well. It depends on the level of the service chosen and the amenities. Here, the level of attention and care given to your pet will attract additional costs. Although, pet boarding comes with its benefits, it also has it disadvantages.


Many dogs are more stressed in kennels than they often are when they are in their own environment.

– Some animals are exposed to the risk of being infected by diseases such as kennel cough.


Are Dogs Traumatized by Boarding?

Pet boarding can be traumatizing for some dogs. When you board your dog, you are introducing it to a new environment and new people. If your dog suddenly loses interest in its toys and feeding, it is a sign that it might be stressed out and/or traumatized. Besides a boarding facility potentially being over-stimulating for your dog, you run the risk of them being injured by another dog.

What does a Pet Sitter Do?

A pet sitter is responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business. These tasks include providing food and water, as well as taking them out to the bathroom and providing exercise.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you can decide which is better for your pet when it comes down to pet sitting vs boarding. While both are common options, pet sitting provides many benefits that aren’t offered by pet boarding.