How Do You Pet Proof?

How Do You Pet Proof?

A house pet often gets curious and sneaks into things. You should try to find ways to entertain a dog or cat to help avoid any damages to your personal items. Dogs and cats can even get hold of some of your stuff and leave them chewed on or strewn on the floor. This scenario is very common for homeowners with a pet at home, so kitten or puppy proofing your home is necessary. Is there any way that you can prevent this nightmare? Sure, there is. Here are some guidelines on how do you pet proof your home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Some cabinets may be easily opened especially when they are low enough, like that of a dog cabinet. Puppy proofing your home involves keeping foods in high places or out of your pet’s reach. You can use childproof latches to secure cabinets. As you’re into puppy proofing, also check and secure small nooks, holes, or spaces inside them and even behind your washer or dryer.

Cat proof trash can by covering it or even placing it in a latched cabinet. Place supplies for laundry, cleaning, and medicine on high shelves. After you cat proof trash can, cover the toilet bowl with its lid. This is to prevent your house pet from drinking cleaning chemicals or drowning in the bowl. Also check the insides of your dryer before switching it on, just to make sure your cat didn’t hop in.

If you are unable to properly pet proof your home areas before you need to leave, look into a sitter. Whether you decide to go with pet sitting or boarding, that is a great alternative place for your pet to go. Especially if you will be gone for extended periods of time.

Puppy Proofing Your Home
Puppy Proofing Your Home

Living Room and Bedroom

Keep dangling wires of appliances and children’s playthings out of reach. Do the same for knick-knacks especially when you have a kitten who has a tendency to knock them over. Inspect the areas where the vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach but your pets do and look for items that can cause safety hazards like loose strings. As you learn how do you pet proof your home, you’ll realize that you need to keep sewing materials from your pets especially thread.

There are also house plants that are poisonous to pets. Keep them out of reach and do the same for hanging plants where your cats can jump onto. Cover vents for heating vents and air vents for more secured puppy proofing.

Buttons and drawstrings may be swallowed by your pets so keep away shoes and laundry. Surfaces like the bedside table must not have any cosmetics or medications. Secure phone wires inside cabinets to avoid being chewed on. As you close your cabinets or drawers, see to it that your kitten didn’t hop inside. The same goes for shutting doors or scooting chairs. Make sure that you don’t see any tails, noses, or paws in the way.

How Do You Pet Proof?
How Do You Pet Proof?


Once you’re done dealing with a dog cabinet, it’s time to move to the garage. The garage is home to cleaning supplies and other stuff that may contain chemicals. Keep these chemicals secure on high shelves or inside cabinets. Do the same for tools and other sharp objects.

Make sure to clean the antifreeze thoroughly especially when applied to the driveway and the floor. It is highly poisonous to animals once ingested. Before starting your car, bang on the hood first. Cats sometimes enjoy hiding inside to seek warmth in the engine.


What do I do to protect my carpet? Well, there are many steps to take with pet proofing carpeting. If you are trying to protect the carpeting from rips and tears from your new puppy, you may want to consider having your pup in another room. This is a fairly common thing to happen during training. You may also need to consider protecting the carpet from urine since puppies may have accidents.

How about protecting your carpet from kitten claws? You will want to make sure you provide your kitten with a lot of toys to keep them busy. Perhaps even a friend. If they are busy, they are less likely to rip up the carpeting in your home. These are just some basic tips of how do you pet proof your home.

Are You Ready to Start?

A pet for home sounds nice, but you need to be aware of a few hazards. Perhaps think of things to do outside of the home with your pet. For example, a dog park is a great way to burn energy in your pup so they hopefully won’t destroy anything. Now that you learned how do you pet proof your home, you can ensure your pets and things’ safety.